Participant Best of All – Jack

The one and only, Jack McGeachy

Jack during GiGi’s Teen Kitchen

As said by his Tutor Nick

“I wouldn’t say it’s one stand out moment, but more so his consistency to always show up with a great attitude and strong desire to learn. With that drive, he’s been progressing so much over the past few months especially with phonographs and reading. He inspires me everyday I work with him, and I always look forward to our sessions together.”

Jack and Nick Literacy Tutoring
Nick and Jack Ball Game

Jack and Nick are athletes at heart and have found a common starting ground before the work begins. This can come in handy when building that rapport and finding a connectable way to encourage learning. They developed a routine of basketball first then work that into literacy tutoring. That ability to work with where the participant is can often lead into great moments!

When asked what he like most about GiGi’s Playhouse, Jack shouted with arms wide open “EVERYTHING” which is a true Jack moment of joy!

Jack having Valentine cookie fun @ TeenTastic

Jack is one of our most spirited teen participants, just a bundle of energy and happiness. He is always willing to try things which as we all know can be hard at times, but Jack can definitely show you how it’s done, especially during GiGi’s Teen Kitchen Program.

During Teen Kitchen, Jack can be found testing each product which then encourages his peers to challenge themselves to try new things. That sheer ability to explore new things and push himself to grow through all the areas of challenge and share that with his peers proves that Jack is Best of All! Go Jack!!

Jack and the TeenTastic ladies

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