Our passionate Literacy Coordinator 🌟


We feel so blessed with so many amazing volunteers supporting GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego! It does take a village to work towards wonderful and purposeful programs.

We feel very lucky to have found our very own

Literacy Coordinator✨Godmother✨,  Jeri Gurley.

She is truly magical and makes everything extra special and effortless.

Even though we are unable to come together at our Playhouse, we have been fortunate enough to continue providing programs online and are thrilled to see the smiling faces of our families!

It wasn’t easy to launch the Virtual Summer Literacy Tutoring program, but she spent countless hours making sure kids could take advantage of this free program that GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego offers and she made it happen, so we went virtual with her help and her army of Literacy Tutors volunteers.

Jeri Gurley, is a tremendous help and gives so much of her time to GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego! We can’t say enough about her positive spirit and her kind heart.
She goes above and beyond and she also leads our Kids Club and offers to help constantly! “I love helping at GiGi’s. I wish it was there for my son when he was young.”, says Jeri G.

But not only that, her son Clark is also amazing! He has helped GiGi’s by cleaning the playhouse and organizing craft supplies. He has helped prepare Literacy materials and has moved furniture around for the tutoring rooms. He also helps when Jeri does Kids club program by coming early with her and getting things ready.

Clark also participates in GiGiFit and Fantastic Friends!

“GiGi’s is the place to be. It makes us equal and (promotes) equality.”, says Clark G.


Thank you so much Jeri and Clark,

we feel lucky to have you as part of our GiGi’s families

💙 💛

Thank You!!!

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