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What does GiGi’s San Diego mean to our families?


“GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego has had a huge impact in my life, my son’s Mateo’s life, our family and friends. GiGi’s is a safe and fun space where parents and kids can be themselves without judgement. GiGi’s offers an amazing variety of FREE programs that spans all ages.

Before GiGi’s I hadn’t seen anything or anyone in San Diego offering programs for toddlers…but then GiGi’s came along and my son Mateo frequently attends about 10 different programs in the short time they have been opened. They serve all ages and the bonds made with families are incredible.

All my closest friends have come from GiGi’s. They help keep me calm and give me hope for the future. Mateo may be nonverbal but “GiGi’s” is one word he knows!

Many of life-long friends have been impacted by what they’ve seen at GiGi’s. One friend actually started a golf tournament to help raise money for them, others have become recurring donors as part of the 321 Champion program, and many others have donated on various occasions!”

– Jen C.

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