A Cabinet for GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego


A few months ago we had the fortune to be contacted by a parent of a member of the Eagle Scouts. For those of you who don’t know who they are, an Eagle Scout is the highest achievement or rank attainable in the Scouts BSA program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Since its inception in 1911, only four percent of Scouts have earned this rank after a lengthy review process. The Eagle Scout rank has been earned by over 2.5 million youth.

Since 1912, the Eagle Scout rank has represented a milestone of accomplishment—perhaps without equal—that is recognized across the country and even the world. Those who have earned the Eagle Scout rank count it among their most treasured achievements. “Eagle Scout” is not just an award; it is a state of being. Those who earned it as youth continue to earn it every day as adults.

Here is the story of Allan on his way achieve this rank.

“My name is Allan Meyer and I am working on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. The reason I wanted to help out Gigi’s Playhouse is because one of my friends has a little brother with Down syndrome and he’s a cool little dude. They had brought me to visit the playhouse with them one time and I had thought “That’s awesome people taking the time to help out others and create a community that understands each other”. I have helped through scouts and not through scouts with several Gigi’s events such as the Donut run. My scout troop visited the playhouse together once to learn about disabilities awareness. During the class I had noticed they had some storage problems and thought maybe I could help. I reached out and got in contact with Karen Falk and worked out that I would design and make a cabinet with specific dimensions to compensate for the room’s unique storage needs.

Through this process I learned a few things, the first lesson was that true dimensions for wood are a thing and quite frankly I’m not a fan. I don’t have much experience with wood working so this project challenged me but not in a bad way, just different than what I was used to. Overall this project was pretty easy. I’m sure anyone could do this if they have even as much knowledge as I did. Having to do this project with COVID regulations limited how many people we could have present at one time and limited our overall resources, this made it take longer than expected. All said and done I would gladly do this project over again and am proud I could help Gigi’s playhouse”.


💛  💙

We couldn’t be thrilled and grateful to have such a great organization and volunteers like Allan to help us create an awesome addition to our Playhouse. We hope we can share this with our families very soon! In the meantime, enjoy this pictures.


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