Program Spotlight: LMNOP!

Learn more about this specialized, FREE therapeutic program that’s all about language development and fun!!

Language, Movement, and our Peeps (LMNOP) is one of our most attended programs at GiGi’s Playhouse Sacramento, and we love having so many families participating!! LMNOP is an interactive and engaging program designed to guide parents and young children with Down syndrome through learning basic sign language and other forms of communication while using music and language-based activities. We sat down with Program Lead Danielle and Volunteer Mia to learn more about what makes this program such a fun time!!

Danielle and Mia read a story to the kids at LMNOP to work on their language development
Mia (left) and Danielle (center) reading a story at LMNOP

What brought you to LMNOP?

Danielle- I have always loved early intervention and have spent most of my career dedicated to working with 0-5 year olds.  I love the music, sign language, language stimulation and sensory exploration that we get to introduce to our littles.

Mia- I wanted to volunteer for LMNOP because I love little kids and I can get my community service hours in. I also enjoy helping Danielle!

What is your favorite LMNOP activity?

Danielle- I love the sensory bins.  In December we bring in snow ice and the kids love it!  Most of them eat the ice-extreme cold really wakes up the mouth muscles.

Mia- My favorite LMNOP activity has to be the sensory playtime because I love it when the kids play together and interact more. I love their energy. One of my favorite memories is when one of the participants gave me a toy to play with them and I loved that so much.

A group of kids play with water sensory bins
We love sensory bins!!

What is your favorite book to read during LMNOP?

Danielle- Pete the Cat and His New Shoes is my favorite book! 

Mia- The Farm Book, when it’s a farm themed day!

Mia & Danielle reading the Farm Book during LMNOP

Anything else you’d like people to know about LMNOP?

Danielle- Even if your little one is still itty bitty they can learn from LMNOP.  Learning the routines, making friends, learning the songs…it’s all impactful and fun!

Mia- I would tell new parents that if they want their child to join they’ll make new friends and do fun activities- especially the sensory time! My favorite part of LMNOP is the playtime towards the end of the session because I love playing with the kids. I love seeing them being friends and having lots of fun playing!

Thank you Mia & Danielle for taking the time to tell us more about LMNOP!! We are always searching for more volunteers to join us, if you are interested check our calendar for the next volunteer orientation, or reach out directly to Karen at

-Claire Ramaley

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