Best of All: Fantastic Friends Kicks off 2024!

A Vision Board Party to celebrate the New Year!

By Mia and Holly Siino

Every year, Fantastic Friends kicks off our programming by creating vision boards during our first session. First, each person did their brainstorming for their goals for 2024. Then we assembled our boards using magazine pictures. Finally, we shared the boards with everyone. It helped us to get to know each other better and learn about our favorite hobbies and interests. 

Below are some of the finished products and a little bit about the Fantastic Friend who made them:

Mia poses with her vision board for 2024 and smiles at the camera

Mia’s board has her favorite singers and her favorite drinks. Mia’s goal this year is to get out of house and try new things! 

Sheyenne holds her vision board for 2024 and smiles at the camera

Sheyenne is excited to spend more time cooking this year! Her board features a lot of her favorite foods. She is also looking forward to sharing the delicious food with her family and friends.

Shannon’s board is focused on health and wellness. She recently started bowling for Special Olympics and is already making great strides toward her new years goals! 

Charlotte holds her vision board for 2024 and smiles at the camera

Charlotte will be focusing on spending more time with Stephen and her pets. She wants to work on reading and art. Charlotte’s board includes some motivational words and phrases for inspiration.

Stephen poses with his vision board for 2024 and smiles at the camera

Stephen is interested in spending 2024 focusing on sports and reading. We can’t wait to see him try out golf! 

Grace is working on independent living skills in 2024. She will be focusing on cooking, learning how to take care of a pet, and baking. Along the way she hopes to have some fun adventures horseback riding, listening to country music, and meeting new friends.

Timmy designed his vision board around animals he loves and celebrities. He’s excited to keep attending his Orange Theory Fitness classes with his mom Julie. 

Kayla (right) has a goal of being famous! We can’t wait to see where her musical talents take her. Elizabeth (EB) is inspired by fashion and makeup. She wants to focus on gratitude this year.

We are so proud of all of our Fantastic Friends participants for all of their many Best of All Moments and accomplishments and can’t wait to see where this year takes them. We hope you learned a little more about our amazing crew. Stay tuned- you just might get an update on how they are doing on their goals! 

Want to join us at Fantastic Friends? Check our calendar for upcoming dates & sign up today!

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