Building Friendships at the Playhouse | Teddy’s Playhouse Story

Written by: Teddy’s Mom, Eva

LMNOP is our program for ages 0-3!

We had been anticipating attending a GiGi’s Playhouse class since we found out about the amazing organization. Teddy just turned one, and he’s been so social, so we decided it was the perfect time. We attended an LMNOP class with one of our friends who also has a baby boy with Down syndrome. She texted me the date and time, and we were free, so we had to go check it out!






Speech Pathologist and Board Member Danielle, Leading LMNOP

It was a small class with only three babies and their guardians. The babies were all so cute playing with each other and just watching each other. I also brought my other two older kids with me, who enjoyed seeing their younger brother interact with babies his age. The teacher was so great! She sang songs, read books, had sensory activities for them to play and even pulled out a colorful parachute to play with.

It was all very educational and interactive. The scheduled hour class was filled with fun! And very inclusive for my other two kids as well. Afterward, we went into a playroom with more toys, and the kids had more time for socialization. Teddy really enjoyed himself and made new friends! On our way out, we were given a small bag with lots of great worksheets and material to use with Teddy and my kids. It was all themed for the 4th of July, in red, white, and blue. Very informative and thoughtful. We will definitely be attending another LMNOP class. Thank you!

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