Teentastic Fantastic!




Spotlight on Haley Everett and Josh Miles

by Trevor and Carey McLaughlin

Haley Everett and Josh Miles are two of our amazing volunteers from GiGi’s Playhouse Rochester.  Hayley and Josh run the Teentastic group on a biweekly basis.  When Covid-19 hit, Hayley and Josh pivoted to the remote model for our Teentastic group without missing a beat.  Each week, they provide fun, engaging activities for our teenaged participants.  Hayley and Josh are creative, patient and fun and provide such fun for our GiGi’s Teens.  Activities have included Bingo, Scavenger Hunts, Turkey crafts, Halloween activities, and “If I were President.”  Each activity is relevant to the current time of year and season.


Haley and Josh are the true definition of dedicated volunteers, but they go above and beyond just volunteering to run a GiGi’s program.  At each meeting, they listen to each participant in a way that shows they truly value them as people and are interested in what they have to say, helping our Teens feel relevant and important.  Hayley and Josh know each participant well and laugh and have fun with each of them.  In doing so, they are teaching our GiGi’s Teens how to be patient, how to be a good friend and a good listener.


Thank you to Josh and Haley for being great leaders and examples for our Teens and for being committed volunteers for the GiGi’s Community.

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