Volunteering at GiGi’s- a parents perspective

As a regular volunteer at GiGi’s Playhouse of Raleigh there are numerous benefits to being a part of this particular community.  GiGi’s Playhouse provides free therapeutic classes to students of all ages as well as support to families, too.  Classes offered include  activities related to fine and gross motor skills, team building activities, sensory activities, development of social skills, and academic and career development courses.  These classes are led by highly skilled and experienced educators and professional therapists with the solid background needed to ensure a high level of success and abilities to others in need; most of these professionals have no ties to Down Syndrome and reside in the local communities.

I have had the good fortune of working with small infants 6 months old to adults as old as 50+ which has provided me with motivation in ensuring that these individuals enjoy success, accomplishment, and joy in their individual lives – for that I am lucky to have the opportunity to serve, influence, and enhance the lives of these miracles at GiGi’s Playhouse.  What I love about GiGi’s Playhouse is the welcoming and nurturing environment, the laughing and happy faces, how people positively support one another!  Seeing how Mothers, Fathers, siblings, grandparents and important loved ones feel as distinct feeling of belonging is quite evident for those who are in this particular environment.  I love the dedicated and hard working Mothers who started GiGi’s Playhouse of Raleigh; they are doers, thinkers and achievers of a better life for those they love and others.  They make a positive difference not only in their own child’s life but others as well as families who have members with Downs Syndrome.  As for me personally while my children were in school, I volunteered for each and every activity they participated in and of course that all came to an abrupt end when they graduated and moved on to college.  I had been looking for the right opportunity which I could give my all – GiGi’s Playhouse is the place where I want to channel my energies to contribute to something meaningful, and beneficial to other very important individuals.  Each time I come away from spending time at this wonderful place, I’ve only felt the highest level of inspiration and it has become a positive addition for me in giving love, time, and focus to others.


I’m thankful to have the privilege of serving, giving, and contributing to those at GiGi’s Playhouse.

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