Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Rita! She is a Playhouse Mom to one of our adult participants, Abbey. Rita and Abbey recently moved to the area from Wisconsin after Rita’s husband passed away. Rita’s daughter lives in Chapel Hill, so they decided to move to be closer. They were previously involved in a Playhouse in Wisconsin and when they moved here, they decided to visit our Playhouse. Abbey’s schedule quickly filled up with programs at the Playhouse, and she even spoke at our Gala this year! Rita wanted to get involved in any administrative work at the Playhouse while Abbey participates in programs. Within the last few months, we were able to onboard Rita as a key volunteer! She is now helping Maria call new families and has joined our new family committee. Her experience as a Playhouse Mom and a new family to our Playhouse has been such a wonderful addition to the team. We are so grateful to have both Rita and Abbey at our Playhouse!

Abbey & Rita at GFAC 2022
Abbey speaking at Gala 2022

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