In a society where, despite progress towards acceptance, exclusion and ostracization are very real and plentiful outside and even within the special needs community, Gigi’s has meant true acceptance for our family. We immediately felt our family was welcomed and at home at GiGi’s.

For the first time in 9 years and many, many hours of internet searching we finally found what we didn’t even realize we were looking for all along; support. The volunteers ready to answer any questions, behavioral and educational tips online, and programs offered to meet the specific needs of our family member with DS, all have been particularly helpful in making our entire family feel like we got this. 

It’s so important to have a place like GiGi’s to practice important skills, socialize, and connect among people that understand and accept you for where you are today whether you are at your best or “needing a bit more encouragement” as I like to say. This acceptance and patience is what will help you as you work toward your “best of all.” 

Arlynn, “I love you GiGi’s!” 

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