The Gen G youth board is a unique group of people because we all came together with the same goal in mind, acceptance.

After volunteering at GiGi’s playhouse on my own for a year, it was wonderful to join the Gen G youth board and be surrounded by a group of teens who loved GiGi’s as much as I did. From the youth board, I learned more about the Generation G movement which aims to spread both knowledge and acceptance to those who’ve always lived separated from the Down Syndrome Community. I never realized the impact we would be able to make on others until we did events such as the High-five challenge where we went to colleges and talked to the community about the playhouse and the Generation G movement. I’d always considered acceptance to be one of the most important values a person could have, but it wasn’t until I joined the youth board that I realized my ability to make an impact by sharing this message with others.

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