Teaching and practicing yoga along side GiGis has become the highlight of my week.

My name is Justin Anne Patterson, and I am a yoga instructor here in the Raleigh area. I have had the incredible pleasure of working with young adults at GiGi’s Playhouse for a few months now.  Teaching and practicing yoga along side this group has become the highlight of my week. Seeing an individual experience yoga for the first time, no matter his or her ability is really special. Yoga gives you the opportunity to let go, unplug from the world, the stimulus around you and simply be yourself. No judgement. Just a creative space to move and be yourself. I have seen my students at GiGi’s thrive in this environment. One of my female students feels so “at home” during her yoga practice that she usually falls asleep. Another student (after practicing for the very first time)closed his eyes, held his hands close to his heart after class, gave me a HUGE smile and said “namaste”. My heart burst into a thousand pieces. They get it. They really do. It’s not what your yoga looks like on the outside. It’s what your yoga feels like on the inside that matters!


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