Our playhouses are full of love, determination and support, We are stronger together!


At GiGi’s Playhouse Raleigh we serve over 700 families, offering 30-50 programs a month all led by our committed, inspiring and passionate volunteers. We are so grateful for the 400+ volunteers who give their time to provide therapeutic and educational programs, shout the worth of individuals with Down syndrome and are great examples of #Generation G- more accepting, more generous, more kindness.

On World Down syndrome Day we had to practice physical and social distancing but our families and volunteers shared about the sunshine’s in their lives. These comments show the magic of Down syndrome and the importance of our mission at GiGi’s Playhouse- to send a global message of acceptance for ALL!

Our playhouses are full of love, determination and support, We are stronger together!


“Izzy had the best smile! She is a blessing to us and others!”- Parent

“Amanda is always the sunshine in our lives, even when it rains” – Parent

“My sweet surprise baby, WYATT, he is 9 months old and has the biggest smiles n gives the best kisses”- Parent

“All of our Fantastic Friends who brighten my Friday evenings!”- Volunteer, program leader

“We love all of our friends at GiGi’s Playhouse!!! Hugs to you!!” – Volunteer, program leader

“I love Harrisons sense of humor and the joy he brings to others! We love GiGi’s Playhouse too!!”- Parent

“Rocking my socks today for Bennett!! His adorable smile always makes my day”- Parent

“Ria is the most AWESOME little sister and the best buddy <3” – Sibling

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