I am thoroughly impressed and left the experience with a heart full of joy!

We have wonderful partnerships with local universities for sports endeavors (practices/off site opportunities/Victory Day), Internships, 1:1 Amina Grace Speech therapy and bringing awareness to the capability of individuals with Down syndrome. We are inspired by our communities goal to help create a world of acceptance. Read a few quotes (below) from four gradudate students who committed to learning about GiGi’s Playhouse during our shift from in-person to virtual and were able to see the WHY in our playhouse vision without being at the physical location. *Now, dont settle for just learning about us virtually, our doors are officially re-open, you can schedule a tour to come see what we are all about*!

“Being able to connect with GiGi’s playhouse and learn about their supports for children with Down Syndrome has provided me with such a great sense of community and social supports. Far too often, we are unaware of all the opportunities that we pass by on a daily basis. Every child should have the ability to be a part of something such as GiGi’s playhouse in order to support social, mental, and physical growth. There are not enough positive words to say about GiGi’s and all the volunteers who dedicate their time to the children and adults there.”- Meghan

“I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with GiGi’s Playhouse and interact with the beautiful and welcoming community of people there. From hearing inspiring stories to participating in yoga classes to touring their awesome facility, I am thoroughly impressed and left the experience with a heart full of joy”- Kate

“Working with GiGi’s was an incredibly powerful experience. As we learn about those with developmental disabilities in our graduate program, it’s one thing to hear about ways we can support these individuals, but it is absolutely inspiring to be able to learn from organization’s like GiGi’s Playhouse who provide such meaningful work every day to support those with Down Syndrome. We were simply amazed by the individuals who run GiGi’s Playhouse to make it the organization it is and loved the conversations we had with some friends who excitedly discussed all the ways GiGi’s has positively impacted their life. We are so thankful for the time and opportunity GiGi’s Playhouse gave us and cannot wait to come visit soon! “- Madison

“GiGi’s playhouse is incredible. I was inspired throughout my visits on how to incorporate different programs, such as Teen Yoga, in the future while counseling children with developmental disabilities. Teen Yoga was one of my favorite activities I have done this semester. I am thankful that we were able to partner with GiGi’s and I hope to join another program again soon.” – Maddie

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