The GiGi’s community is a family of love and support

When we received a prenatal diagnosis that Dylan would have Down syndrome we were scared and had no clue where to start for support outside of our medical network. We lived in Minneapolis at the time and had received a “Welcome Basket” when Dylan was born, which provided a brochure about GiGi’s Playhouse and were then invited by the mom who delivered our basket to meet her at GiGi’s. We are SO happy we decided to check it out!!!


We were immediately welcomed with open arms by so many incredible parents and their kids. We were transferred to Raleigh, NC a few short months after Dylan was born. Although we were sad to leave the incredible families we met in MN, we were pumped to find out that Raleigh would be opening their own Playhouse!


Our son Dylan is 2 now and attends various programs GiGi’s provides, such as Kindermusik, Speech, and LMNOP. He lights up on the days he gets to sing with Mrs. Julia at Kindermusik and play with his buddies. Not only has GiGi’s been an incredible resource for our family and a great place to meet other families, but it has been so wonderful for my older two children to learn more about the Down syndrome community and be apart of it. They can’t wait to be old enough and volunteer!

The GiGi’s community is a family of love and support and we feel so thankful to be apart of it.

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