Virtual Tutoring Success

One of COVID’s silver linings was the introduction of virtual tutoring. Our national office continues to offer many programs virtually via the GiGi’s At Home platform and there are plans for improving and enhancing that platform in the coming year. While the majority of our local one-on-one programs are back in person we do still have a few participants choosing to do virtual. This is mostly due to the driving distance for them.

We LOVE to hear from the tutors and parents about the success they see during those virtual sessions.

Below is a #bestofall example of successful virtual tutoring!

From Brooke the tutor:

Matthew seemed to be in charge of making sure he attended tutoring sessions at the right time,
in which he did week after week. Matthew and his parents ensured that he did his homework
and research before each session. I contacted Matthew’s mother a few times and she also did
an amazing job of getting back to me in a timely manner. As well, Matthew’s goal this fall was to
give a research presentation to his family and friends. Matthew’s family allowed him to give his
‘Shark’ presentation over Thanksgiving which was great. Matthew’s parents were very
supportive of Matthew giving a presentation and making sure he had time to practice and do

From Matthew’s Mom:

I would like to let you know what a great job Brooke did this session.  I had no idea they were working on such a big project until she sent it to me. Matthew did a fabulous job presenting and was so proud to do it and to answer our questions.  He is already looking forward to the next session.  I am very thankful for the online tutoring option!

We are so proud of Matthew and his tutor Brooke too! Virtual tutoring is a little harder to do and they both proved that it can be done successfully!

Applications are currently open for the spring one-on-one tutoring session. If you have any questions about doing sessions virtually, please contact the Playhouse at 309-762-7529 or

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