On June 5th, many of us came together at Veterans Memorial Park in Bettendorf, IA to celebrate acceptance. I (Pam) have always said our run/walk day is like a family reunion and this year was no different. What was different was the fact that we were joining all the other Playhouses in a day of celebration for the GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge.

There was also a friendly competition between the Playhouses to be in the top 10 fundraising list. Here in the Quad Cities, we were excited and thrilled to be sitting in first place for several weeks. As the event neared, we did slip down but not by much and #bestofall we finished in the top 3!!! That’s out of 54 locations.

As one of the top 10, we were able to be streamed live into the national virtual event (linked below) and we had 2 minutes to share what we were doing and what the day/event meant to us. I wanted to share with all of you what was said during those 2 minutes (in case you were not there or couldn’t hear me although I was pretty loud and intense LOL)!

“We’re here in the Quad Cities celebrating acceptance with all of you at our 16th annual family walk and the 9th annual superhero run!

We’re honored and blessed to be one of the top fundraising locations in the network for the GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenges especially since we’re one of the smallest Playhouses!

But to steal some words from a motivational text that I (Pam) received from our former Site Director now Inc staff Michelle Hughes, this event is so much more than a fundraiser! It’s a dream! A dream that was formed 16 years ago by a group of dedicated parents. Many that are here today! It’s a dream that also helps us remember those that helped inspire our local Playhouse. Especially one little boy that is no longer with us (Michelle’s son Nathan). It’s passion! It’s pride. It’s also acceptance, generosity, and kindness! IT”S FAMILY! Our Quad Cities family!

I and all of our amazing extended family seen behind me (in the video linked below) will continue to preserve the dream that was formed all those years ago.

So from all of us here in the Quad Cities to all of you watching. Go GiGi’s! Go generation G! Go QUAD CITIES!!!!”

Thank you to everyone that helped make our local event so much fun and so successful! I finally got my voice back on Monday after all the cheering and hollering. I can even begin to explain how much I needed that day of celebrating with all of you after the crazy year and a half we’ve all had.

There were over 630+ registrations, 50+ volunteers, 38 teams, and we were able to raise $78,000 to help ensure the Playhouse continues to offer free programming and raise awareness and acceptance here in the Quad Cities.


UPDATE as of 6.18.21 the amount raised has gone up to $84,000. Thank you to all that have made donations and made this amazing amount possible!

You can see the national video by clicking here!

Pictures from the day can be seen here.

Thank you to Infinity Photography for being there to capture the special moments of the day.

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  1. Ann Cobb on June 22, 2021 at 2:32 pm

    This was my first Superhero run and I was amazed and overwhelmed at the community support. I am very grateful to be a new part of this awesome group. #generationg

    • Pamela Lynch on June 22, 2021 at 2:36 pm

      We are thankful to have you as part of our extended family! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do!

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