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About Pop-Up Playhouses

What is it?

GiGi's Playhouse Pop-Up's are part of the new operating model at GiGi's Playhouse INC. Pop-up Playhouse provide pop-up programming to serve individuals with Down syndrome and their families in deep urban or less densely populated areas where a physical brick and mortar location may not be feasible.

Communities can offer signature GiGi's Playhouse programming and provide resources for parents at a fraction of the cost of a Brick and Mortar location.

GiGi's Playhouse Pop-Up can be hosted in community centers, churches, YMCA, Library, schools etc. Programs can happen continually at the same location or rotate around rural communities in a general geographical region.


Deliver a variety of GiGi's Signature Programs through a standardized Pop-Up Kit that can be brought to one or more locations across the community.

Operating Structure

Pop-Up Playhouses are all volunteer run and started by the Pop-up Startup Team. After programs have commenced the Startup Team becomes the Local Operating Team. The local team is responsible for recruiting volunteers to lead programs, facilitating outreach, and fundraising.

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