Words Matter . . .

There is still so much work to be done in the area of sensitivity training because “Words Matter”.  The following was shared by one of our GiGi’s Moms, Marlene,  who always takes a stand for her son, Brett, and wants only the best for him.  Thank you, Marlene, for sharing this with all of us.  Words do matter . . . . . . .

“Today I REALLY realized, (once again), how lucky I am for my GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix Family.  Every time I go to GiGi’s or interact with amazing people that support Brett and our family there is never anything but respect and love.

Today I met the “real world” again, like a slap in the face, when someone I was talking with said the “r” word.  I wanted to cry and then I got angry.  I wanted to invite them to see what I see at GiGi’s Playhouse, the unbelievable participants who give their “Best of All” every day of their lives and are trying so hard to do things that many people take for granted.

I know in my head that this represents insensitivity and others can be just that “insensitive”.  This doesn’t mean that we should just accept this insensitivity; it just means that we all need to work harder and speak up to educate others that “Words Matter”!

During the month of October which is Down syndrome Awareness/Acceptance month, we celebrate individuals with Down syndrome and promote the concept of Generation G; Be kind, Be accepting, Be generous.  We work hard via our Annual Friends Campaign to promote the concept that we are all  “more alike than different”.

If everyone knew our AMAZING Participants, I believe the use of the “r” would be non-existent.  They would know how AMAZING our GiGi’s Participants are and they would feel lucky to know my son, Brett and all the Participants at GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix and everywhere because they are INCREDIBLE individuals with so much to give.

So once again, thank you GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix for giving us a place to shine and grow every day!”

Submitted by:

Brett’s Mom, Marlene

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