Our GiGi’s Volunteers share their most valuable assets which include their talents, time, and passions each and every day at GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix.  The following blog was submitted by Stephanie Gage, former GiGi’s Board President.  We thank her for sharing this.


“As a child I was encouraged to SHARE.  SHARING didn’t come easy.  I liked keeping everything for me.  I liked having my stuff whenever I wanted it. It was pretty easy because my 3 brothers had more things that they had to SHARE with each other…they didn’t really want anything of mine. 

Until I got a private phone line when I was 16, a Princess phone in my room!  I soon learned that they wanted me to SHARE this, especially Brian.  Brian was the most social of all of us and I found him in my room, on my phone ALL THE TIME.  No matter how I SHARED my complaints or anger, there he was in my room, SHARING my phone.  Ugh!

I learned from my mom that SHARING some phone time with Brian was something I needed to figure out.  This was something precious to me and she thought it would make a big difference in BRIAN’S life.  Ugh! 

OK, I did it.  She was always right!  Seeing Brian enjoy his phone time made a difference for me as well.  It felt good to SHARE.

I SHARED money to support many organizations when I was busy.  Money is necessary and I received lots of thank-you notes so I always felt appreciated.  My time was way too precious to SHARE.  Then I was asked to SHARE again.  This SHARING was different.  It wasn’t easy, I had just retired and this new time thing was something I really loved.  But this was for GiGi’s Playhouse so I began to SHARE my precious time.

OK, here we go again, mom.   My daughter-in-law, like you, knew I would love it.  I had that feeling all over again, the one I felt SHARING my Princess phone with Brian.

At GiGi’s I learned that we are nearly 100% volunteer supported.  That meant people were SHARING something precious, their time.  There was something for everyone to SHARE.  The programs needed volunteers to have fun with the participants.  Reading and Math tutoring was one on one, so the difference was very personal.   It felt good. 

Everyone a GiGi’s is a participant, a family member, a donor and a volunteer.  They are SHARING their time…after work, before work, during work.  They are here.  They are SHARING the most precious thing they have to SHARE…their time.   They are fundraising, participating in programs, making books for the tutors…their focus is raising money, teaching and providing therapeutic and educational programs disguised in FUN!

Volunteers sometimes come and go without notice.   They aren’t there for the Thank You…they are here to SHARE.   Volunteers sing better, dance better, bake better and learn to forget all the rules of the game…they just have fun!  Volunteers get the SHARING thing. 


Say THANKS when you see them.  No pay…just the feeling I loved when I learned how to SHARE my Princess phone with Brian.”

Submitted by:

Stephanie Gage

Former GiGi’s Board President




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