“It’s the Friends We Meet Along the Way . . . . . .”

Guest Blog Submitted by:  Brett Schatzman


“It’s the Friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey……”

“Hi, I am Brett. I like GiGi Fit, Baking/Cooking, Fantastic Friends, Dance Mania, and Literacy.”

“I love to work out, cook/bake, play drums & guitar, and hang with my family. My favorite food is shrimp and of course tacos on Taco Tuesday! Sometimes I am known as the Mayor of GiGi’s Phoenix!”

I would like you to meet some of my Playhouse friends.”


“This is my special friend Mason. He loves being with his friends at LMNOP.  Mason likes to play with dinosaurs. Mason’s favorite food is chicken nuggets!

His nickname is Mace but mostly just call him Mason!”



“This is my special friend Brooklynn. She loves to be active and move around so her favorite program is Little Sports! Brooklynn’s favorite items are her iPad to watch her favorite movies and sing along with them. Brooklynn loves books, she spends lots of time in what has become her library, surrounded by her books! Brooklynn loves French Fries and Ice Cream….but not together! If she finishes her fries you better guard yours because she will eat them! Brooklynn’s nickname is Brookie or Brookie Cookie!”





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