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SUPPORT – A Verb or a Noun?

Nearly 500 words are both a verb and a noun.  Those that most often come to mind are EMAIL, SHOP, BUY, PAY, CHARGE…wait a minute, I think I’m getting off topic. 

What I’m talking about today is SUPPORT!

VERB – If you SUPPORT someone’s idea or mission, you believe in what they are doing and want to help them succeed.

NOUN – SUPPORT is the actual encouragement or help you provide because you want them to succeed.

Either way, SUPPORT is there to lift, to provide strength…most often to help create and sustain success.

GiGi’s Down Syndrome Achievement Center, GiGi U and GiGiFIT today is a campus supporting over 1000 families SUPPORT their loved one’s road to success. Our growth is because of the SUPPORT of individuals, companies, organizations, as well as events that gather the SUPPORTERS together to continue to SUPPORT our mission.

The one providing the SUPPORT is the hero.

The one delivering therapeutic and educational SUPPORT at GiGi’s is also the hero.

And the ones working so hard participating in these progressive and purposeful SUPPORT programs are becoming heroes.

SUPPORT is what ties all of us together so that everyone succeeds.

It has been 10 years since GiGi’s Phoenix was just a pamphlet being distributed throughout our community sharing our ask for SUPPORT so that we could provide FREE educational and therapeutic programs for individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

Our friends believe in our success and continue to provide the pillars to SUPPORT what has become GiGi’s campus offering a lifetime of SUPPORT for individuals with Down syndrome who are working hard to become heroes every day.

Our GiGi’s team inside our campus provides the SUPPORT that participants and families need to bring out their child’s BEST OF ALL as they learn to stand, and then learn to stand up for themselves.

Whether SUPPORT is a verb or a noun, whether it is the belief in our success, or filling a gap with that “little bit of help” a participant needs to succeed, SUPPORT means everyone is a hero!

My best,

Stephanie Gage

GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix

Co-Board President

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