GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix- “I Have a Voice”- Participant’s Perspective

“Some places just feel like home, you know it the minute you walk in….

For me that place is GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix. Why you might ask? Here are the reasons why….

The programs I am able to go to are Fantastic Friends, Rock Band, Literacy, Math, Dance Mania, Art Explosion, Music Therapy, Orange Theory Fitness, and Tennis (wow that’s amazing, so many).

The opportunities I have, Honorary Board Member, Teacher Helper for Language, Music, N’ Our Peeps  ( LMNOP) , office volunteer, GiGi’s Prom King, making friendships with so many special people, and becoming a leader…. All of these because I am lucky to be a part of an amazing 2nd family, GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix.

Every time I go to GiGi’s, I ask is GiGi U and the Studio Cafe almost ready? I am so excited to be able to attend and work there. I love to work and do a good job. I am very proud of myself. GiGi’s Playhouse makes me smile and it makes me happy to have a special place to belong to, (and I am sure when GiGi’s U and the Studio Cafe opens, I will be happy there too).

I am a special guy, (I think so, and so does my family)! Please come for a visit, I will give you a tour and greet you with a BIG smile and a BIG hug. Maybe You will then have another place to call home, just like me!  You can visit our webpage at

(Thank you mom and dad for helping me write this.)”

Brett Schatzman


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