Get involved! Let me tell you why.

Why should you get involved with GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix? Let me start with a short testimony of my own experience thus far with GiGi’s Playhouse…

Since I can remember, involvement in special education (specifically Down syndrome) has been an interest of mine. I had always wanted to volunteer my time with the Special Olympics or be a student assistant for my school’s special education program, but unfortunately my schedule never allowed for it. So I continued on with life – graduated high school and moved out to Tempe, AZ to attend design school at Arizona State University. Although I am pursuing a degree in Interior Design, I have continued to pray for an opportunity to arise to be involved with the Down syndrome community… That’s when I found GiGi’s Playhouse! GiGi’s has not only allowed me an opportunity to surround myself with individuals whom I have a heart for but the organization has also provided me with an opportunity to make a difference, raise awareness and acceptance of Down syndrome throughout the Phoenix metro area and beyond. GiGi’s Playhouse has changed my life FOREVER!

Feel like getting involved now? It’s an experience you won’t regret! Where should you start? Volunteer at any of our programs, join a committee, donate, or simply help us get the good word out about GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix!

Axie Hoover

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