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Generation “G” is a movement – Standing for people of all different abilities and their rights to dignity, opportunity, and global acceptance.


Generation “G” is a mindset – Finding the inner strength to harness the good and take action.


Generation “G” is an action plan – Engaging families, volunteers, donors, millennials, visionary corporations, schools, media and more to reshape perception and foster generosity for future generations to come.


Are you part of Generation “G”?


Generation G is generous with their time and their heart, and most importantly they are givers and achievers!  Generation G will stand up for others and not allow people to hurt others or use words that are offensive, like the R-word.  Generation G sees potential and achievement where others see weakness.  If YOU are generous and accepting and continue to support loved ones and friends through the many inevitable challenges and interruptions of life, YOU are part of Generation G.


In 2016 GiGi’s Playhouses across the country will be doing even more and working harder than ever before.  Programs will be added and rejuvenated through new ideas, new metrics and new partnerships.  The fight for global acceptance through new social change campaigns will continue.  We will ALWAYS embrace the next new parent who enters the Playhouse and congratulate them on the birth of their beautiful child.


Generation G is a daily mindset.  Generation G is standing up for people of all abilities and their basic rights to dignity, opportunity, and global acceptance.  Our children don’t get to take a break from their diagnosis, and all children are susceptible to some form of discrimination.  And people who are different don’t get to shed their “differentness” at the end of the day.


To succeed in this important journey:  WE NEED YOUR VOICES AND YOUR HELP.  One child, one diagnosis and one community at a time: let’s show the world what GiGi’s Playhouse has in store for the next 21 years and beyond.  Through more voices, more time, more talents and more siupport:  Generation G will change the world!!


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Generation “G”


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