Beautiful Amy Making Fantastic Friends at GiGi’s

Best of All: Fantastic Friends

Beautiful Amy Making Fantastic Friends at GiGi's

For over a year now, Amy Keran has been an active participant in our GiGiFIT and Fantastic Friends program. On her first visit, she arrived with her parents, initially hesitant about this new environment and unfamiliar faces. Despite her initial reluctance, Amy, known for her social, athletic, and creative nature, gradually engaged with the group. With her parents providing a supportive space from the lobby, Amy took the courageous step of walking into the gym, introducing herself, swiftly forging new friendships.

Completing the two-hour program successfully was just the beginning; the true test lay in her willingness to return the following week amidst her packed schedule of programs, square dancing, travel, and swimming. Remarkably, Amy not only found time but returned eagerly, radiating a wide smile and a readiness to be an integral part of the community.

Throughout the past year, Amy’s presence has been consistent, rarely missing a session or special event. She even showcased her talent by performing dance numbers at our Galas. Admired by both peers and volunteers, Amy’s vibrant personality shines through her colorful outfits and her genuine interest in others’ well-being.

In the tapestry of GiGi’s Playhouse, Amy Keran holds a cherished place. Her contributions enrich our community, making it more vibrant and inclusive. We are deeply grateful to have the Keran family as part of our GiGi’s family, enhancing the fabric of our organization with their presence.

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