Why GiGi’s? | Kim Horner

So, many have asked “Why is it that we are working towards bringing a GiGi’s Playhouse to Orange County?”  A better question is “why not?!”  Why not provide a place for our families to gather? Why not build a place that will enable our kids to learn life skills through cooking and exercise classes? Perhaps a place for individuals with Down syndrome will provide a venue for them to feel at home, where they can just “hang out!”  Consider the self-confidence they will gain from singing a song or two on the stage? Imagine a place that you can go for free tutoring; reading, math, speech, and circle time!  People that have been fortunate enough to experience a GiGi’s Playhouse can see this place!  That is why the Start Up Committee is comprised mostly of individuals that have benefited from a GiGi’s Playhouse and looked for one when they moved to the OC!  Their passion stems from their firsthand knowledge of the wonderful impact this “home” had on their family and they missed it.

GiGi’s Playhouse has programs for EVERYONE, from pre-natal diagnosis to adulthood. Now that we are all on Quarantine, they have their programs Live and On Demand!  How lucky we are to be able to have a “preview” and experience some of the programs that we will have at our Orange County Playhouse once we are open!

As my son Charlie says, “Down syndrome means you have an extra LOVE chromosome and so you are supposed to share this love with people that don’t get to have the extra love”.  We are working to bring you a GiGi’s Playhouse out of love for our community, families with newborns, scared parents that feel alone, teens that want to “just hang” with their “peeps” and adults that love to entertain and cook.

We look forward to the day we can cut the ribbon and offer yet another opportunity for our families to learn, grow and develop friendships that will last a lifetime!


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