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Volunteer Spotlight: Khushi!

Khushi is an extraordinary volunteer who is pouring tons of dedication, thoughts, time and personal contributions to our new literacy program in Brooklyn! She also serves as a member of the GiGi’s Playhouse New York City Associate Board.

She has been volunteering at our Brooklyn Satellite for almost a year and has always great ideas and input.

Khushi leads a group literacy program, and spends the extra time to write her own short stories, illustrated by a friend illustrate her stories, multiplied them all by herself, got additional support supplies for this program and is always working super hard on planning and refining our Satellite Station. She has done a fantastic job of transforming and customizing this program for a group setting and including participants of various ages and reading levels. Here’s an example of a book she made herself for our kids!

Let me emphasize, Khushi does all of this plus showing up in person EACH Saturday in her rare free time! Khushi is totally reliable, creates her own amazing materials, is an independent, thorough thinker, has a warm and caring personality and is attentive! The list could continue!

I want to thank this sparkling light here in Brooklyn deeply for her dedication and hard work; it is such an honor and pleasure to work with her!

Thank you, Khushi!

Regine Polenz, Brooklyn Satellite Coordinator

Want to get involved at GiGi’s Playhouse NYC?! We are looking for volunteers to help with all sorts of programs in Brooklyn and in Harlem. We need Literacy tutors, Fitness volunteers, mentors for teens, and more! More info here.


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