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Posts by bkaufman

A Letter From Benny

To My Dear GiGi’s Playhouse NYC Community, As many of you have heard, I will be leaving my role as the Programs Director at GiGi’s Playhouse NYC next month after four and a half years. While I am excited for my next chapter, this community will always have a special place in my heart and…

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Seeing Beyond

By: Louise Rita Contino Safia Elizabeth Al-Rawi is twenty-six years old. She spent her childhood with her mother and older brother in the suburbs of Bergen County, New Jersey, and now lives in the Prospects Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. She graduated two years ago from Kingsborough Community College with an associate’s degree and…

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Volunteer Spotlight: Martyna!

GiGi’s Playhouse is a 98% volunteer run organization. We rely on committed volunteers to deliver our programs so that we can offer them free of charge to our families. Over the course of a year, GiGi’s Playhouse NYC engages over 150 different volunteers who give nearly 4,000 hours of their time to support our mission.…

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Your Child with Trisomy 21 — A Great Night’s Sleep is Possible!

Your Child with Trisomy 21 — A Great Night’s Sleep is Possible! By Melissa Doman Sleep is important for any child, but for your little one with Trisomy 21, it’s especially important! Sleep is actually a vital process for brain growth and development. It’s your child’s time to process, organize and store all the information…

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Volunteer Spotlight: Khushi!

Khushi is an extraordinary volunteer who is pouring tons of dedication, thoughts, time and personal contributions to our new literacy program in Brooklyn! She also serves as a member of the GiGi’s Playhouse New York City Associate Board. She has been volunteering at our Brooklyn Satellite for almost a year and has always great ideas…

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Kill the Apology

By Louise Contino (Originally Published on LinkedIn)   Louise Contino is a long time volunteer at GiGi’s Playhouse NYC and currently co-leads TeenTastic and serves on the GiGi’s Playhouse NYC Associate Board. She is a Master of Public Administration in Sustainable Development Practice Candidate (MPA-DP) at Columbia University.  “Do you have any siblings?” People sometimes ask.…

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Inclusion- A parent perspective.

It’s the last day of Down Syndrome Awareness/Acceptance Month and it has been a month full of advocacy and celebration! At GiGi’s Playhouse NYC, we had our 1st Annual Fashion Show presented by Bloomingdale’s and our most successful Dancing for Down Syndrome fundraiser ever which raised $40,000 to support our community! Through both of these…

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Spotlight on Jonah: Dancing for Down Syndrome

Jonah Berger and His Family are Dancing for Down Syndrome A regular at GiGi’s Playhouse NYC’s Brooklyn Satellite programs over the last few years, Jonah Berger is leading the way in our Dancing for Down Syndrome Fundraiser. To date, the have raised $5,166, which will support GiGi’s Playhouse Brooklyn. A note from Jonah’s family: ”Friends, …

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A volunteer reflection on GiGi’s Playhouse NYC

Meet Kyle Leaps & Bounds Program Leader My name’s Kyle Zreibe, I’m a second year physical therapy student at Columbia University and I currently lead Leaps & Bounds at GiGi’s Playhouse NYC. Leaps & Bounds is a program that incorporates different games and activities to encourage children to get up and be active. As an…

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Looking Back at 2017, Forward towards 2018

Wow; what a year 2017 has been for GiGi’s Playhouse NYC!  I had the honor and privilege of coming on board as the Executive Director in August of this year, and was immediately blown away at the dedication and commitment of the staff, volunteers, participants and board members. The growth that we have experienced in 2017 speaks…

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