Meet our Capstone Students Ella and Jensen

We are so excited to welcome Ella Baggett (pink sweater) and Jensen Anderson (striped grey sweater) to the playhouse this semester as they work on finishing up their OT doctoral program at Belmont University.  They can’t wait to get started and meet all of our wonderful participants!  Here’s a little more about them:

“Hello friends, my name is Ella and I am a current doctoral student at Belmont for occupational therapy. For undergrad, I went to Samford where I received my degree in Health Sciences and played soccer for the university. I love pitbulls, Harry Potter, Mexican food, and of course my friends with Down syndrome! My heart has always been with the special needs population, so I am incredibly grateful and excited to be a part of the GiGi’s community and the opportunity to help all players work towards their best of all! ”

“Hi! My name is Jensen and I am in my last year of OT school at Belmont. I’m so excited to be at GiGi’s Playhouse for our last semester to complete our capstone project and lead the GiGi University program with Ella. Working with this community has been a love of mine since high school and throughout college, and what actually initially introduced me to occupational therapy! A little more about me, I’m originally from North Carolina and moved to Nashville for grad school, I used to be a dancer but still love dance, and I have a sweet golden retriever named Dany. Can’t wait to start GiGi U and all the other programs, and meet everyone!!”

We are so excited to have both of these wonderful ladies join us for this semester!

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