A Facelift for the Playhouse

When we moved in to the playhouse years ago we were so excited! It gave us the space to grow and provide more programming for our friends with Down syndrome. Fun fact: our playhouse used to be the home of a bank. When you walk in to the playhouse it had a very corporate feel. With the help of many volunteers all those years ago we turned it in to a more fun, vibrant place to hang out.

Well those years have passed and our playhouse has been well loved but we knew it was time for a face lift. This past year we have had two separate volunteer groups come to us from naviHealth to help us paint our rooms that needed a bit of help!

We had one group come in and repaint our tutoring rooms and another group come in and repaint our conference room and entry way.  With groups like these we were able to update the playhouse and give it a bit of a facelift!

Thank you to naviHealth and the volunteers that came and helped us with this daunting task!


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