For Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we want to hear your DS story! Tell us what that extra chromosome really means to you.  

We need YOUR help! #MyDsStory

Throughout all of October and the rest of the year, we will be sharing the stories and moments that have shaped YOUR perspective of Down syndrome in hopes of creating a better understanding of what Down syndrome really is! We will use the voices of those closest to the diagnosis to bring awareness and change perspectives. 

So, what are we asking you for??

  • Social Media Collaborations: Share your #MyDsStory on social media to let the world know what Down syndrome means to those closest to the diagnosis. Then, collaborate with GiGi’s Playhouse so we can push our perspectives even further in order to change the face of the diagnosis!
  • Submitted Content for GiGi’s Playhouse to share: Submit your #MyDS Story below! GiGi’s Playhouse wants to share #MyDsStories stories all October and beyond to help spread awareness on the beauty of the Down syndrome diagnosis while spreading a global message of acceptance for all!

What kind of content are we looking for?

  • Vlogs: Video created by you talking about the person in your life with down syndrome, video of someone with DS, yours or their perspective of the diagnosis
  • Written Blogs/Stories: Written content about someone in your life with Down syndrome, or a perspective of the diagnosis, with photos included in the document
  • Any Video Content:  Cute, inspiring, funny, loving, informative videos from our GiGi’s Families, with a story behind it

For any video recordings made, please film vertically on a phone, with an emphasis on audio and video being very clear. For any blogs/written stories, please type it up in a Microsoft Word document with photos included in the word file at the end.

Vlog or Written blog Content Ideas:

Content ideas for Parents, Siblings, Friends, and Volunteers to create:

  • Tell us about your #MyExtraChromosome. All people with DS have an extra 21st chromosome. Yes, genetically it provides the physical characteristics of Down syndrome. Tell us what it means emotionally. What are the best characteristics that #MyExtraChromsome brings?
  • Giving your original perspective of Down syndrome vs what it is now
  • How your child or loved one has excelled in ways you didn’t expect?
  • What are the emotional symptoms of Down syndrome? Or What are the characteristics of people with Down syndrome, seen by those who know them best?
  • The impact loving someone with Down syndrome can have on your life
  • Your favorite story related to someone with DS
  • What Down syndrome has taught you about life
  • What is your dream for your child or loved one
  • The impact that having someone with DS can have on your family
  • Any sort of inspirational or opinion-changing things/experiences you can say about someone with Down syndrome
  • What a more accepting world looks like to you
  • A sibling’s perspective on what their brother or sister has done to change their life.
  • Compare and contrast what you were told at the hospital the day your child was born VS the person they have become.
  • A story of you or your loved one’s greatest accomplishment
  • Your own definition of Down syndrome
  • If you had one message to give to the world for Down Syndrome Awareness Month, what would it be?
  • How has GiGi’s At Home and our virtual programming impacted you or your loved one?
  • Your Story

Content ideas for program participants to create

  • What is your name, and can you tell us a little about you?
  • What does Down syndrome mean to you?
  • What is your dream in life?
  • What does acceptance mean to you?
  • What is your favorite part about GiGi’s Playhouse?
  • What is your greatest strength?
  • What do you want everyone to know about you?

Already captured video or photo content to be submitted by Families, Friends, Volunteers, Supporters, ETC. 

  • Cute video of your loved one with Down syndrome
  • Inspirational or heart videos of someone accomplishing something
  • Any funny heartfelt video that captures the spirit of that person
  • Life changing moments that occurred in someone’s life
  • Participating in programs at GiGi’s
  • Your favorite videos and pictures
My Story is about

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