My Special Sweet Pea LeLe

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By: Alecia Harrison

I want to share with you some photos of my Angel and Princess Alecia Harrison. This young lady is Truly Remarkable and Supernatural. You will see pics of her where she liss hair due to very critical and life-threatening illnesses but has overcome with the help and Grace of God!! Truly Miraculous!! Pics from a baby to now 23 yrs of Life!! We are working on goals of becoming a Model, Actress, and/or dancer which is what she loves.

This submission is a video and pictures of my daughter Alecia Harrison. As you will see there is nothing down about her. Our NFP Organization, Lele Foundation, was inspired by Alecia’s life. Lele is the acronym for Love Enjoying Life’s Extras which is what Alecia Loves to do at all times. This submission depicts a day in the Life of Alecia, who is funloving, energetic, and is thrilled with her best friend and cousin Kayla.

My daughter Alecia has been through 2 major life-threatening illnesses, including Leukemia and Covid. She is truly Blessed and a Survivor. In spite of everything, she is fun-loving and full of life!! She doesn’t let anything keep her down, which is why I say she has”Up-Syndrome.” Nothing about her is Down. She is the face behind Our NFP organization, Lele Foundation. She is always looking for an opportunity to volunteer when we are not busy with our own organization. Take a look at the photos.

Alecia and I have high hopes and dreams for herself. We are working hard to achieve those goals that we truly believe will come true. In spite of what Drs. Call Down Syndrome (I call it Up Syndrome), Alecia has Always been up eating, smiling the majority of the time, Soooo Loving and affectionate, etc., bringing beautiful smiles and inspiration to all she comes in contact with. She aspires to participate and overcome anything standing in the way of pursuing Performing Arts. She has Danced in Dance groups, Has been Prom Princess, has acted, etc. She has presently submitted materials with an up-and-coming production company just recently. Pics and/ or videos will depict that she Lovvvves Life, family, and friends. She is a Pure Joy to be around.

My daughter Alecia has overcome so many obstacles in life and has been blessed with multiple miracles, including the fact that she is a survivor of leukemia and just recently was in grave condition from Covid while on a Ventilator. Since she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Kidney Disease, she has become a very healthy eater!! She is more than semi-vegetarian. She has also started cooking her own dishes. I am so inspired by her that I have now become a healthy eater as well. We have fish or chicken no more than twice a week. Pictures should follow if technology cooperates.


Little did I know that I would conceive
Our precious package, what a sweet baby;
A big girl we now call Lele
One day I looked at my special sweet pea
The smile on her face inspired me
She touches the heart of people everywhere she goes
Her laughter will stop you right in your tracks
I thank God for my special sweet pea
A love like no other from our darling Lele
God blessed her to be strong from the very first day
She wouldn’t let anything stand in her way.
From jaundice to a cord wrapped around her neck
She fought hard through meconium, what doctors term “mec”
Even when she was diagnosed at an early age with Leukemia
We drew strength from our special sweet pea
Who never gave up on what would be
A life full of God’s great promises and blessings too;
Take a walk with me while I tell you the things
Lele would do.
Not understanding life as we see it today
A rare type of love and affection she displays

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  1. Linda Harrison on October 13, 2022 at 8:17 pm

    Alecia’s story along with all the others are so wonderful and a true testament to the Beautiful Individuals God created to inspire everyone they come in contact with. People can learn so much from this culture on how to love unconditionally and encourage the world not to exclude them from dreaming to become what has been instilled in them. They never cease to amaze me. I Love these Beautiful Individuals. Help them reach their goals and make their dreams come true.♥️😃

    • Karly Free on October 19, 2022 at 2:55 pm

      Thanks for taking time to comment, Linda! We feel the same way and love using our blog to highlight just some of the amazing things individuals with Down syndrome are capable of.

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