No day is EVER the same!!!

No day is EVER the same at my job!!!

Changing lives like this are why I post. Trust me this is the short version!

This past week we have greeted FIVE new families that have a loved one with Down syndrome.  Our new friends found us and we were able to share the joys of our GiGi’s community.  One family is from South Dakota, another from the start-up team for the Wausau GiGi’s Playhouse pop-up and three more from here in the greater Milwaukee-area.  Our new program participants range in age from 46 years to 6 months!

I gave each family a tour and the kids were so excited to play together! One “tour” was even held outside because the adult participant was too nervous to come in with all the kids. Don’t worry, he’s excited to come in for adult programs and the possibility of karaoke!  I gave them our monthly calendars with descriptions of all our programs and shared local resources.  After sharing that all our programs were FREE each family was excited to plan their return trips for programs that are purposeful to each of them!

THIS IS MY WHY!  Why I continue to ask for donations and support.  I cannot stress enough how important our programs are to our families and of course our beautiful individuals.

Each family was so warm and excited.  I’m thrilled that I can be in a job that I love and share this excitement with others.  We CAN change the way the world views Down syndrome and to send a global message of acceptance for all.

Instead of buying that Starbucks, lunch out, or drinks tonight please consider donating it to GiGi’s Playhouse.

I thank you from my heart & soul!!!

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