Monty shows his Best of All!

Monty has been having a great time at Leaps and Bounds over the last few weeks! He has demonstrated his Best of All skills while working on his finger and hand strength in playing with play-doh. This increased strength will help him to manipulate objects and learn to coordinate his muscles/movements to write. Monty had fun using his core muscles to complete an obstacle course. This fun activity builds hand-eye coordination, sensory perception, core muscle strength, and brain development! Monty also worked on making lines and shapes in shaving cream; hello early writing skills and sensory integration! We can’t wait to see everything Monty accomplishes at the next Leaps and Bounds (Thursday, July 22). Other dates: July 29, August 5 & 12. RSVP on our calendar:

Here Monty is working hard on his fine motor skills while doing fun activities with the Marquette students. Little does he know his fine motor muscles are growing!

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