We Make the Change Together!

“When there is something you enjoy doing there is nothing more fun than sharing that love with others!” -GiGi’s Playhouse belief

This is why we share GiGi’s mission to build a world that embraces Down syndrome and each person’s strengths and uniqueness to truly CHANGE THE WORLD!
Each of our board members and staff members believes in GiGi’s mission, has witnessed our participants and loved ones grow, and want to share this positivity with everyone. We are true believers!

How do we CHANGE THE WORLD? Donate to GiGi’s, become a volunteer, and/or attend programs and events! We need your continued support to evolve and support our community as we look toward the future (more growth, more families to meet, more support to offer, and more FUN to have)!!!


Recent Posts

“Holden is the most incredible gift, we didn’t know to ask for.”

Written by Jaclyn Skalnik "Holden is the most incredible gift, we didn't know to ask for." This is a phrase that I am reminded of...


Written by Dennis McGuire, PhD Scrolling through Facebook, we noticed that the National Association for Down Syndrome (NADS) shared an AWESOME article we could not...

“Find heart, mama love me”

This post was written by Gina Alternburg, mother to Gracyn and Gage. Thank you so much for sharing your special story with us! There were...

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