Living with UP syndrome

This speech was wrote by Jacob West. Thank you for sharing with us and for doing an awesome job on your speech at our World Down Syndrome Day Party!

My name is Jacob and I am 23 years old, I’m about to 24 in May. People treat me differently because I have Down syndrome but that is okay because being born with Down syndrome makes me my own person. I have made life long best friends who also have Down syndrome. Being different makes me a better person and I can see the world differently than others. Someday I hope to get a college degree, get married, and have three kids. I love kids! Some of my favorite things to do are binge watch Netflix, going to GiGi’s for T.E.A.M and Friday Friends to learn to become independent and hanging out with my friends. One thing I want people to know about Down syndrome is that it is special and precious. You can achieve any goal that you set for yourself!


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