Hollywood comes to the Milwaukee Playhouse!

Paying it forward!

Years ago, in the 80’s, as a young man Gino Salomone, of Gino Goes to the Movies, a local movie and Hollywood Insider, chose to attend a tribute event in honor of Spencer Tracy hosted by Katherine Hepburn. It was at this event that young Gino saw Sidney Poitier speak. It was at this event that Gino made a donation that exceeded his standard allotment of spending money. He noted that he felt it was worthwhile and important for him to make a donation at that time since it was for a cause he fully supported. Over the years Gino collected 50+ posters from movies that Poitier starred in and shared this information in a recent note to the Poitiers’ about this fabulous collection. Gino wanted to donate it to go along with the Poitier archive. They responded with excitement in a beautiful note that spoke of Sidney’s fond movie memories and reminders of Gino’s generosity at that long-ago event which was like that of Tracy. When Gino finished reading the card he went to place it back in the envelope and found a check written out to him. He was touched to see the check was for the amount of the Spencer Tracy benefit from years before. Gino respectfully returned the check but the Poitiers’ insisted he should accept it and donate it. Gino immediately thought of Sammy. Sam, a 5-year-old Playhouse buddy with Down syndrome, who has known Gino all his life, and the pair have a very close friendship. Sam and his family, who have often shared their love of GiGi’s Playhouse Milwaukee with Gino influenced this generous donation that was received earlier today. As you can see Gino continues to show his kindness and shares his generosity as an investment in the things that he believes in and cares about. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Sam’s family, Gino, and the Poitier’s who all made this happen. We are excited to continue to offer FREE programs for participants of all ages (birth – adulthood) and can’t wait to see everyone return to the Playhouse to start to gather once again.

How you choose to live your life can impact so many others!

Gino has been a friend for years but has had a special connection with Sam since the beginning ♥️ They just adore each other and Sam asks to FaceTime Gino often. They love trying new foods, laughing, and hiding and seeking Sam’s socks 😆 We love that Gino chose GiGi’s as a place for his donation and we can’t wait until we start attending in-person events at the Playhouse soon! – Marie, Sam’s mom


Updated 3/5/2021.

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