Amina Grace Speech and Language Program: What’s being said around the playhouse…

The GiGi’s Playhouse Amina Grace Speech and Language Program provides youth, teens and adults with greatly expanded opportunities to evolve and refine their speech and language skills. Effective enunciation, clarity of speech, word order and message meaning are paramount to fostering greater self-confidence, comprehension, problem-solving, school readiness, social skills, independence, and overall quality of life. 

 Here is what some of the parents of participants in the program have to say:  

 “We have noticed far more full sentences from Rebecca, and a greater desire to share her ideas and thoughts since being involved in the Amina Grace Speech and Language Program. Now that she is in high school, she wants others to hear and understand her more. Her confidence seems to be growing by the day! “      

 Chris Newlon, mother of Rebecca, age 15






“Joshua is doing so much better and working hard in his sessions with communication.  Joshua is now able to have a voice not only with mom and dad, but with family, friends, and in the community. Thank you for this wonderful, free, program to help our son learn to have a voice and communicate with others”      

Anna Anderson, mother of Joshua, age 27






Thank you so much for working with Tony this summer. He is using his communication device more. When I’m not understanding him, he will go get it himself and sometimes he uses it just to tell me something. Before, he would never do that. He always thought I could understand him without the communication device, but sometimes I can’t so I’m so glad he is using it. He is still using his picture cards a lot too, those are his favorite. He really enjoyed working with you”   

Liz Natale, mother of Tony, age 15 


“When telling an exciting story to her grandma, Olivia was asked to slow down.  She said “oh yeah, like at GiGi’s.” and paced herself as she learned at speech.  I love what I see! Great therapist! Very patient!” 

Erin Covell, mother of Olivia, age 15 

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