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Program Listings



GiGi’s Signature Programs  Offered Nationally 

Signature programs  follow the same structure and curriculum at each location, providing purposeful progressions by supporting our youngest learners through adulthood.     

All Ages 
Destination Discovery – Supports the development of fine motor skills, gross motor skills, social skills and language through purposeful play and peer to peer interaction in a casual and fun setting. This program also brings families together to share experiences and build relationships. All ages welcome.   

GiGi's Amina Grace 1:1 Speech & Language Program  –  Provides youth, teens and adults with greatly expanded opportunities to evolve and refine their speech and language skills in a 1-on-1 setting. Effective enunciation, clarity of speech, word order and message meaning are paramount to fostering greater self-confidence, comprehension, problem-solving, school readiness, social skills, independence, and overall quality of life. Recommended for All Ages.

GiGiFIT – Focuses on improving areas of fitness through activities in strength, endurance, joint stability, balance, movement control and more. GiGiFIT promotes wellness through nutrition, pushing through barriers and building self-confidence.  

  • GiGiFIT  Adult recommended for ages 18+
  • GiGiFIT  Teen recommended for ages 13-17
  • GiGiFIT  Infant, recommended for infants to pre-walking
  • GiGiFIT  Kid…coming soon
  • GiGiFIT  Toddler…coming soon
  • GiGiFIT  You & I…coming soon

Early Learners 

LMNOP – LMNOP is an interactive and engaging program designed to guide parents and young children through learning basic sign language and other forms of communication using music and language-based activities. Recommended for ages newborn to 36 months.  

Crawlers & Walkers – Focuses on the development of gross and fine motor skills through activities that are hands-on and fun! Social skills and language development will also be addressed, with focus on learning new words, following directions and interacting with peers. Recommended for 1-5-year-olds.

Leaps & Bounds –  This program promotes social, emotional, large and small muscle group development. Children will participate in fun and engaging activities that require movement and interaction with their environment.  Recommended for children ages 3-5 years old.


School Age Learners 

Playhouse PalsSupports the development of social skills and language through peer to peer interaction in a casual and fun setting. This program also supports gross motor skills through active games, as well as fine motor skills & self-help skills. Recommended for 5-8-year-olds. 

Kids ClubSupports the development of social skills and language through peer to peer interaction in a casual and fun setting. This program will also support gross motor skills through active games, fine motor and self-help skills through meal/snack preparation and activities. Recommended for 8-12-year-olds.



Teen TasticFocuses on building social skills with friends without Down syndrome by participating in team-based activities in a casual and fun setting. Skill development includes understanding compromise, turn-taking and problem-solving abilities. Recommended for ages 13-17-year-olds.



Fantastic FriendsA fun night out to facilitate social interactions between adults with Down syndrome, their peers and the community. Supports the development of social skills and language through peer to peer interaction in a casual and fun setting. All adults welcome from ages 18 and up.


Education Programs 

Our FREE 1:1 Literacy and 1:1 Math programs are specifically designed for individuals with Down syndrome ages 3 through adulthood. Trained volunteers teach along purposeful progressions that build confidence and mastery. Families attend each lesson and leave with practical activities to continue learning at home. 

GiGi’s Career Development Programs 

Our Career Development Programs prepare adults with Down syndrome to gain meaningful employment or volunteer opportunities in their community.  These programs teach Confident U. Healthy U. Whole U through communication, work habits, job skills, fitness and nutrition.  These programs promote an environment of inclusion and acceptance for individuals with Down syndrome.  Recommended for ages 18+.

  • GiGi Prep
  • GiGi University
  • GiGi’s Career Development Internship
    • GiGi’s  Hugs + Mugs
    • GiGi’s  Studio
    • GiGi’s Genesis Health Bar
    • GiGi Professional

GiGi’s  Specialty Programs   Offered Nationally  

As our Playhouses grow, so do our program offerings.  Each GiGi’s  Playhouse is unique and offers a variety of  FREE purposeful programs to meet the needs of their families and their community. 

All  Ages….recommended ages may vary by Playhouse

  • Art Explosion
  • Cooking Club
  • Daddy & Me
  • Dance
  • Drama Troupe
  • GiGi’s Adventures
  • Music in Motion
  • New Caregivers Group
  • Nuestros Angeles
  • Open Play
  • Soccer
  • Yoga
  • 1:1 Handwriting
  • Family Speaker
  • GiGi's Games with Friends

Early Learners

  • 2 & Under
  • Preschool Prep
  • Story Telling
  • Special Olympics Young Athletes™
  • Little Fingers, Big Plans
  • Skill Builders
  • Social Skills for Young Learners
  • Kindergarten Prep

School  Age  Learners

  • Busy Hands, Bigger Plans
  • Cheer Gems
  • Creative Exploration
  • Homework Hoopla
  • Backpack Buddies
  • Super Sibs
  • Karate Kickers
  • Tennis
  • SciTech Kid
  • Music in Motion


  • Friends, Fun & Fitness
  • SciTech Teen
  • Social Skills for Teens/Adults
  • Teen Tech


  • S.M.A.R.T.
  • Gratitude Committee
  • E.P.I.C. (Empowerment, Participation, Independence, Community)
  • TEAM (Teaching Exercise, Activity, and Movement)