Make a difference and volunteer to be a tutor!


Want to make an impact? Consider being a volunteer tutor! You can clearly see Shelby has gained confidence and skills in just one session of literacy and math tutoring!

“I cannot thank GiGi’s enough for the tutoring! After 3 weeks of Literacy tutoring, Shelby just picked up books and started reading on her own! It has also helped with her speech and expansion of her vocabulary as well.”

We cannot thank her tutor enough for all of her patience and hard work. And we especially want to thank GiGi’s Playhouse for offering this virtual program and thank you for pairing her with such an amazing person!” Shelby’s Mom

“We create a learning plan that both includes her needs and her interests. Shelby is a pleasure to work with and comes to each session with a positive attitude. Shelby is always happy to see me when we connect through GiGi’s Tutoring at Home, and she is making great strides.” Shelby’s Tutor

Here is a very proud Shelby holding her certificate and one of the books that she had started reading 3 weeks into GiGi’s Literacy Tutoring Program.


Click here to learn more about the GiGi’s At Home Virtual 1 on 1 Tutoring programs! 

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