Volunteers Make the Impossible Possible

We just celebrated Down Syndrome Acceptance Month with our annual Gala and we never would have been able to pull of this huge and important event without some key volunteers!

As an organization that is 99% volunteer run we rely on the hardwork of the passionate people that choose to volunteer with us.

In the 6 months leading up to the Gala we formed a Gala Committee. This team included our Board President, Julie, and Vice-President, Kim, our Site Manager, Kelly, Eric from Intentional Purpose Consulting and 4 other community members that wanted to give back in an impactful way. Camilla, Chelsea, and Alexis did a ton of behind the scenes work including soliciting silent auction donations, updating powerpoint slides for our presentation, assembling silent acution packages and assisting with set-up the day of the event.



The night of the event we had 12 people volunteer with us for the entire evening and even had our Self-Advocate Committee !

We had volunteers doing a range of activities:

  • Selling the wine pull
  • Selling bracelets to participate in the heads and tails game (Our awesome Advocate Committee helped with this)
  • Running the registration and Check-Out table
  • Picking up the silent auction winners prizes
  • Ensuring our Gala presentations played in the correct order

During our Fund a Need presentation, our volunteer Anita and Advocate Committe co-chair, Sadler, put on an engaging and fun presenation that allowed people to laugh and open their wallets to help fund all the amazing things our Playhouse does.

We are thankful for this large group of people that gave of their time and truly lived the Generation G spirit by being Accepting, Generous and Kind. We wouldn’t have been able to make this our most successful event ever without each of them!




  1. Diane on November 1, 2021 at 8:41 pm

    We really enjoyed volunteering at the Gala. Looking for volunteering for the 2022 Gala.

    • Kelly Antonson on November 2, 2021 at 9:10 am

      We LOVED having you!

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