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New Friends: A Best of All moment

A remarkable thing happened on Saturday, September 23rd during our SMART program. In attendance were 8 of our wonderful adult participants. This included two women who, since the beginning of the opening of GiGi’s in May 2016, have not gotten along. The two have very different personalities from one another. One is very independent and is comfortable speaking her mind. The other is very sensitive and her feelings get hurt easily, especially by the other woman. There has always been tension when they are in the same room together.

The theme on the 23rd was manners and respect. We discussed respecting each other even if another person does things that bother you; they are still a good person.

When left alone in a room the two women talked. When I walked into the room, one woman announced that they had talked and things were “okay now”. Our project that day was using crayons and marker to design thank you cards for an upcoming event.

Our independent friend drew a picture and wrote a note for her now, new friend. Upon fiving the picture to her new friend, they hugged. Oh my, what a scene! When one was about to leave the other ran to the front door and they hugged each other one more time and promised to see each other soon.

Observed by one of our volunteers

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