Never Too Young to Live Generation G

Generation G in Action!

In December 2021 our Site Director and Advocate Committee co-chair were invited to visit a 4th and 5th grade classroom to share what it means to be Generation G. Our friend Finn and his teacher reached out to us to see if we would be willing and we jumped at the chance!


Maya took the lead with the presentation and was a complete inspiration to the 40 students and teachers as she shared what her life is like and what others can do to be accepting.

The students were quick learners and asked insightful and important questions about Down syndrome and ways they can be accepting, generous and kind.

After doing a fun quiz to test their knowledge on living Generation G each student painted a kindness rock to bring home, share with their family and then hide in their neighborhood for a friend to find.

We left a bag of Generation G bracelets for the teachers to award students that are caught doing something that is Generation G! We can’t wait to hear what they all do.

We applaud Finn’s teachers for making this type of learning a priority and look foward to reaching even more schools in the coming year.

Please contact our Site Director, Kelly, at to start a discussion on how your childs classroom could become Generation G! We also have online resources you can easily access at anytime with information for schools, workplaces and in the community:

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