Introducing our New Executive Board

Incredible Leadership= Incredible Playhouse

Our Playhouse is 99% volunteer run and some of our most active and impactful volunteers are our Board of Directors!

At our June Board meeting elections were held for the 2022-2024 term and we are pleased to announce our new Executive Board.

  • Kimberly Arndt was our Vice President and moved into the President role
  • Camilla McKay is a newer board member and moved into the Vice President role
  • Brett Bauch moved into our Treasurer role a couple months ago
  • Chris England has been on our board for a couple years and moved into the Secretary role.

Special thanks to our outgoing President Julie Byrnes and to our outgoing Secretary Amy Ulrich. Both women will be staying on as active members of our Board!

We are so grateful for all current and past Board members who each bring their special talents and passions to help our Playhouse grow. The leadership on our team helps us be the strongest Playhouse we can be for our families.

Please visit our Board page to learn more about each of our Board members:  Board of Directors

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can share your time and talents as a member of our Board of Directors please submit an application so we can start a conversation: Board Application

Board President- Kimberly Arndt

Board Vice-President- Camilla McKay

Board Treasurer- Brett Bauch

Board Secretary- Chris England




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