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GiGi Prep: We are a team!

The first month of GiGi Prep has been exhilarating, fun, and productive! We have welcomed a variety of visitors to our Prep class. We’ve learned from them and they’ve learned from us. We all share leadership of activities and when visitors join our class, we have them join right in– and they learn, as we previously did, that leading Simon Says is not as easy as we now make it look! We most recently welcomed visitors who are in Madison as part of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. We learned a little about them and about the countries they are from. They learned from us about how to fold and write a note card, how to lead Simon Says, and how to collage. We chatted with them and told them about ourselves and what we’ve learned and done so far in GiGi Prep. Earlier in June, we welcomed a farmer, who taught us how to transplant tomato and kale, and the next class, we taught a volunteer how to do it. We have worked on our money skills, learning and getting better at recognizing coins and counting money. And we have accomplished all of this by helping each other, and by relying on our individual strengths to complement each other. We are a team, a community, working and growing together — and looking forward to more!

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