Family Involvement is the Foundation of our Playhouse Community!

YOU are the foundation and heart of our Playhouse community and are needed to help us do our best!

We have an exciting opportunity for our families to join our newly formed Family Outreach Committee!

The role of the Family Outreach Committee will be to:

  • Connect parents/givers in the Down syndrome community in similar life stages
  • To inform feedback on Playhouse programs
  • Having the opportunity to represent our Playhouse in the community

This group will meet quarterly on an agreed upon day and time. The time commitment will not be overwhelming but the impact will be HUGE!

See a full committee description below.

Please sign up HERE by July 12th and reach out with any questions!

THANK YOU in advance! We can’t wait to get started.

Committee Definition:

  • Group of family members of an individual with Down syndrome that meet with the goal of
    connecting Playhouse families, identifying and supporting family needs, and providing direction
    and execution for applicable portions of the Family and Community SOE.
    Committee Composition
  • The committee should consist of a diverse group of family members of a loved one with Down
    o Diverse in age of the loved one with Down syndrome they are related to (i.e., infant,
    toddler, school-age, teen, young adult, older adult, male, female, etc.).
    o Diverse in relationship to the loved one with Down syndrome (i.e., Mother, father,
    grandma, grandpa, sibling, etc.).
    o Diverse in ethnicity related to the cultures in your community.
  • Board member representation but the board member should NOT be the chair of the
  • The New Family Coordinator should also be designated and included (may be the chair of the
    Recommended responsibilities to the Playhouse (using SOE as a guide):
  • Establish a meeting schedule either in person or by Teams Meeting; likely every 2-3 months.
  • Establish annual goals and priorities for the committee.
  • Ensure plan, budget and timelines are met.
  • Provide a written committee report quarterly with goals, decisions, actions, and needs.
  • Solicit diverse committee members to represent your community and participants.
    Recommended responsibilities to families:
  • Welcome new playhouse families and match with a mentor family.
  • Plan, organize and execute New Family Orientations to meet SOE goals.
  • Plan and execute surveys and/or annual family roundtable to gather feedback.
  • Share resources from GiGi’s with families and the community.
  • Empower parents and caregivers to find their community.
  • Help families to understand how they too can engage in volunteering and fundraising activities
    to support the playhouse.

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