Acceptance for All – We Challenge You!

What is an Acceptance Challenge?

The mission of GiGi’s Playhouse is to CHANGE the world views Down syndrome and bring a global message of ACCEPTANCE for all!

Our nation wide GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge aims to do just that. We are working on challenging 1 million people across the world to say “I accept you for who you are” by making a pledge of $5 or more or joining or creating an acceptance team!

We have 300 families at the Madison Playhouse that benefit from the free, therapeutic, educational and career development programming offered at our Madison Playhouse.

So many of our participants deal with discrimination in the workplace, schools, communities and neighborhoods.  Many of these incidents stem from a lack of understanding of what Down syndrome is and isn’t.

People with Down syndrome wear their diagnosis on their face which causes others to pass judgement before ever even meeting and talking with them!

At our Playhouse we see every single day how CAPABLE people with a Down syndrome diagnosis are.

  • We see their range of emotions, their “Best of All” moments and their struggles.
  • We see the interest and hobbies each person has.
  • We see the connections they make with their peers and volunteers and the friendships that develop from that.
  • We see that we are all more alike than different.


   Families that have chosen to join our Acceptance Challenge shared why they decided to join or make a team:

  • “One, we have really enjoyed the services and community that GiGi’s provides and two, this event is a vision of a world that is accepting of all.  Celebrating the uniqueness of every person and encouraging kindness and acceptance.”
  • “This shines a light on what the Down syndrome community CAN do-so many parents are afraid and scared when they are first given the diagnosis of Down syndrome because they are told what their child will NOT do.” 
  •   “We are so thankful to have a GiGi’s Playhouse in our community to provide resources for our daughter and the entire Down syndrome community!  This fundraising event also has a great message.  It’s so important to promote acceptance of all people, including individuals with disabilities”
  • “It’s celebrating the uniqueness of every person and encouraging kindness and acceptance.”
  •    “We’re participating because GiGi’s Playhouse-Madison is one of very few places in Madison where adults with Down syndrome can find support, continuing education services and social activities. We love that the funds raised during this event will stay in Madison to support our playhouse and the services that Chris receives, and as a family, we love any excuse to get outside and stay active.”
  • “This is an event to celebrate the power to be Accepting, Be Generous and Be Kind.  This motto will assist in making the world a better place to live.”


We are inviting anyone that accepts our challenge by pledging your belief in acceptance for all to join us in an Acceptance Celebration on June 5th at Ahuska Park in Monona!

This will be a Field Day event with fun activities for people of all abilities!

Learn more here:

THANK YOU for taking the pledge for acceptance and celebrating with us on June 5th!


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