On Tuesdays, we will share #TuesdayTeachingTips for families who are at home during this public health emergency. All of us are adjusting to this new normal, and sometimes it’s hard as a parent to keep our children from losing skills they have already mastered.

Many thanks to Dr. Michael Taylor (Ed.D., NBCT), Assistant Special Education Director to the Bryant School District, for sharing this resource with us! It has tons of information, videos included, and ways to work on important skills and teach your kids in a way that works for them! Scroll down for the link and login information.

The home page encourages you to read the introduction before logging in saying, “Please read this introduction all the way through before starting this program! This website is for caregivers of children who may have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or another developmental condition. It is also for use with children who do not have a diagnosis, but for whom caregivers or physicians have a suspicion of ASD or another developmental disorder or delay….”

  1. Go to https://parenttraining.chip.uconn.edu/index.php/membership-login
  2. Enter this username: PTAccess16
  3. Enter this password: Parenttraining2020!!

Watch for more teaching tips from local professionals (teachers and therapists) on Tuesdays!

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